ASSISTANCE WITH TRASH CANS: Message from the HOA board

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Given covenant requirements regarding trash cans, it’s always a good idea for residents to have one or two neighbors they can call on if, for some reason, they can’t take care of this requirement between Wednesday evenings and Monday evenings. Obviously, even conscientious residents sometimes encounter situations where they have to unexpectedly leave town or are otherwise unable to meet the covenant requirements – i.e., business trips, illnesses, recent surgery, family emergencies, etc. Moreover, some elderly residents may have difficulty with trash cans on an ongoing basis. 

That said, if a resident has no neighbor to call on in such a situation, they can contact the HOA board at to advise us of the situation. Board members can either take care of the cans for the resident that week or, at the very least, notify the property management company not to issue a citation. 

Please note that this is *not* something that can be done repeatedly by the board for any individual resident, and anyone who makes multiple request along these lines will not be supported after the first one or two requests. 

As always, anyone with questions should contact the HOA board at the email address above.